Inflammation is a common underlying factor in obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  Similarly, when hormones decline, inflammation and metabolic processes decline.

Therefore, Precision Wellness focuses on inflammation and inflammatory markers, adrenal function with morning cortisol check, density and breakdown particles of cholesterol, sugar control and insulin with pancreas functionality, liver markers with full iron panel, full thyroid panel, vitamin B12, vitamin D3 as well as a full panel of sex hormones.  This panel also includes a basic blood count and electrolyte levels.  With this information, Dr. Lori Gerber is able to delve deeper into the symptoms you are feeling and put them together with data to develop a full wellness plan to decrease inflammation, improve immune regulation, increase metabolism, start hormone replacement or reset, provide GI healing, regulate adrenal fatigue and supports thyroid function to help to bring back the “old” you again!

This is a FULL Metabolic and Inflammatory Blood Workup.

Blood Draw available in lab only - Turn around time 7-10 days
Price Includes Lab Review 
Requires fasting from midnight the night before and to be drawn before 9 am.

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