If Your Beauty is at Stake, Get a Vampire Facelift®

A procedures that you may want to consider—and one that should at least arouse your curiosity thanks to its evocative name—is a Vampire Facelift®. According to legend, vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors, but you’ll love to look at yourself in mirrors after your vampire facelift. If you’ve noticed graying in your skin color, drooping in your facial shape, or a less smooth skin texture, a vampire facelift may be the solution. The procedure uses your own plasma cells as a filler to restore your face’s former, youthful shape by lifting the skin away from the bone. That takes care of the drooping, but what about the color and texture?  

Why is it called “Vampire” Part Comes In

We draw about two teaspoons of blood, from which we isolate platelet-rich plasma. When we activate these platelets, they release eight growth factors that stimulate collagen and increase blood flow to restore skin’s youth, colorful look and smooth texture. From there, the body’s natural healing process takes over. The body is, in effect, tricked into thinking the tissue is injured, and responds by producing new, healthy tissue to replace it. 

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