Thread Lifts

The desire for younger-looking skin doesn’t have to remain a distant dream. With recent advancements in cutting-edge technology, there are a number of procedures that can help you achieve a more rejuvenated appearance. One thing that holds people back from cosmetic treatments is having to undergo invasive surgical procedures; however, thread-lifts present a much simpler way for people to get the look they desire, and restore your skin to its former glory.  

What are Thread Lifts?

A Thread lift is a minimally-invasive, safe procedure that uses temporary sutures by the hairline to lift and tighten the skin and provide a smoother, more youthful appearance. Once implanted, the surrounding tissue attaches itself to the filaments of the thread, allowing for a beautiful, wrinkle-free and natural finish. Many patients who receive thread lifts find its benefits to include:

  • A more defined facial contour
  • Rejuvenated & firm skin
  • An affordable alternative to a full facelift
  • Performed under local, rather than general, anesthesia.
  • Quick recovery time

Allow Dr. Lori to breath new life into aging skin with this revolutionary procedure, performed with precision by Dr. Lori.

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